Ways to Improve Air Quality for NJ Homes

Healthy air quality for New Jersey homeowners is important for people with allergies and asthma. Air quality testing is a way for you to ensure that you and your family members can breathe fresh, clean air. There are many uncontrollable factors that affect indoor air quality, yet, there are also things that can be done to improve the air quality. Here are some ways to achieve cleaner indoor air in NJ:

Turn on Hood Vent, Open Windows While Cooking

Smoke and fumes from cooking can fill your kitchen and other living areas quickly if you do not take the right measures. Cooking fumes can contain harsh chemicals and tar, which make up the air pollutants known as carcinogens. To prevent these fumes from engulfing your air and living spaces, turn on your exhaust hood vent before you start cooking. After you are done cooking, leave the vent on for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Use Exhaust Fans in Bathrooms

To prevent your bathroom from growing mold, turn on the vent while taking showers or baths. This will help lower the humidity level in the room and reduce moisture from building up on surfaces and walls. If you smell a musty odor or see signs of moisture buildup, the pros at ExecPro Restoration and Cleaning can inspect your ventilation system and remove any mold.

Choose Natural Household Cleaning Products

Although many household cleaning products contain harsh chemicals, try to limit their use or swap them out for natural cleaners. Cleaning products with natural ingredients, such as vinegar and baking soda, are safer for your home.

Schedule an Air Quality Test

Many homeowners in New Jersey struggle with allergens and pollutants caused by weather fluctuations, pets, and other common conditions. To reduce your exposure to these irritants, consider scheduling an air quality appointment. Air quality testing by ExecPro RC can help you identify and remove the problem. We use the latest diagnostic equipment to test your air, and analyze the results. Our pros can suggest the best course of action for your home, which may include systems repairs or replacements, or a thorough cleaning of your dryer or air conditioning ventilation system.

Contact ExecPro Restoration and Cleaning for more information about air quality testing in NJ and NY. We also specialize in mold remediation and cleaning. Contact us at 888-300-3772 today!