How to Find Hidden Mold in the House

Do you have hidden mold in your NJ home? If you notice a musty odor, there is a big chance that there is mold present somewhere within your home. Many types of mold release chemical vapors, known as microbial volatile organic compounds. Mold can be hard to find when hiding in places like heating, ventilation and air conditioning ducts or inside walls. Water damage from flooding or leaking can lead to mold growing in concealed or hard to reach places.

Mold can spread easily throughout the home. If you see traces of mold in one area, then there is probably mold in other places. For example, if you see mold on a wall, there is a good chance there is also mold inside the wall. If you see mold on carpet, there is a good chance there is also mold under the carpet and possibly even under the floorboards. Have your New Jersey home inspected by the pros at ExecPro for any mold that may not be visible to the naked eye.
Hard to see places where mold often grows include:

  • Inside walls, especially around pipes
  • Under wallpaper or paneling
  • Above ceiling tiles
  • Under carpet
  • Under floorboards
  • Inside heating, ventilation and air conditioning ducts
  • In the attic

As homeowners, it is important to have get rid of mold from the house. It is not enough to merely kill mold. It must be completely removed. Molds produce substances that can cause allergic reactions, irritants, and in some cases, potentially toxic substances (mycotoxins).

So how do you find hidden mold in your house? Finding concealed mold can be a difficult process for most homeowners, as it typically requires tools and experience that only the professionals have. It also can be quite time consuming for anyone who is untrained. Not only can our team of experts locate all the mold in your home, they can tell you what kind of mold you may be dealing with and let you know about any known health risks associated with that strain of mold.

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