Finding mold in your home or business in Jersey City, NJ is never a pleasant experience so here at ExecPro Restoration and Cleaning, we provide the best mold removal and remediation services. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities so we follow strict Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) safety guidelines.

ExecPro is committed to providing the highest quality service to our clients facilitated by skilled employees. ExecPro proudly conducts commercial and residential jobs of all sizes throughout New Jersey and New York. We offer many services specializing in mold remediation, mold removal, and flood and water damage restoration.

For homeowners who are unfamiliar with the process, mold removal can be dangerous to your health. Molds produce allergens, irritants, and in some cases, potentially toxic substances (mycotoxins). The ExecPro team members are experts at removing any type of mold in your home or business to ensure a safe living and working environment. We also can address mold on fragile items, such as furniture, HVAC systems, computers and other technology.

Basement Mold Removal & Cleanup in Jersey City, NJ

Basement mold can cause safety and health problems so it is important to remove mold as soon as you see mold in your basement. ExecPro Restoration & Cleaning has a team with years of experience for basement mold removal & cleanup. Excessive moisture is one of the main reasons for mold growing in the basements but we have identified different reasons what causes mold in basement which are listed below:

  • Poor Air Ventilation & Circulation
  • Humidity
  • Heat
  • Lack of Sunlight
  • Dust & Dirt
  • Cracks in Walls

Attic Mold Removal & Cleanup in Jersey City, NJ

Attics in areas of tight spaces where you can easily get hurt if you try removing mold on your own. Attic mold removal is best to be left for our experienced professionals at ExecPro Restoration & Cleaning. Our professionals are trained and have years of experience with attic mold removal & cleanup. If you spot mold in your attic, contact ExecPro Restoration & Cleaning today! We have identified reasons what causes mold in the attic below:

  • Humidity
  • Heat
  • Lack of Sunlight
  • Improper Ventilation
  • Roof Leaks
  • Faulty or Missing Insulation
  • Improperly exhausted Dryer, Bathroom and Kitchen vents
  • Heaters and Furnaces in the attic
  • Condensation

Crawl Space Mold Removal in Jersey City, NJ

Typically a crawl space is preferable to a concrete slab foundation because it allows you unrestricted access to plumbing, electrical wiring, and heating and cooling systems. If mold builds in your crawl space, it may damage your house’s plumbing, wiring, and heating & cooling systems therefore it is important to check for mold in your crawl space. If you spot mold in your crawl space, contact ExecPro Restoration & Cleaning for crawl space mold removal. We have a team of experienced professionals when it comes to dealing with crawl space mold removal! We have identified reasons what causes mold in the crawl spaces which includes:

  • Rain and Flood water
  • Faulty or missing Air Duct Insulation Materials
  • Exposed Plumbing Pipes and Joists
  • Poor Ventilation
  • Outdoor air
  • Condensation
  • Poor drainage
  • High Humidity
  • Warm Temperatures
  • Lack of Sunlight

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