home-cleaning-njIf you’re preparing to sell your home, there are a few things that you can do to increase interest from buyers including tidying up your living space for professional photos or staging furniture.

One of the best ways to prepare your home for sale or inspection is by hiring a professional cleaning service to do an initial sweep and cleaning. This will ensure that your home is looking as good as as possible for potential buyers!

Pre-Inspection Mold Testing IN NJ

ExecPro RC can help home buyers and sellers with a mold inspection or pre-inspection mold testing. By using a professional mold testing and detection company like ExecPro, home buyers and sellers can be assured the property is mold-free and well-defended against a future outbreak, all before you commit to buying or selling which can save you tons of time and money.

What You Can Do To Prep Your Home for Sale

Some of the many ways that you can help prep your home for sale in addition to having a professional cleaning performed by a company like ExecPro RC is:

  • Wipe down floors and walls
  • Vaccuum and sweep the floors
  • Clear rooms of clutter and excess toys or furniture
  • If you’re selling in the summer, mow your lawn and pick up any excess clutter from the yard

Cleaning Companies for Realtors in NJ

If you’re a real estate company or realtor located in New Jersey, ExecPro can help you with professional cleaning services for your listings! Contact us for more information.